AddInternet Domain Search 4.0.7: Free software to search for internet domains and whois data

AddInternet Domain Search 4.0.7

domains and domain extensions available for registration. Whois Search: if a domain is already taken this function allows you to find out who is the domain owner including data such as company, name, address, email and more by searching the global Whois domain database. Just enter the domain name you are researching on the Whois Search box and click Go. The software will show you all available data for that domain and is able to do searches on all

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SDB Explorer : A user interface for Amazon SimpleDB 2009.02.05

data. -Use it for the core database functions of data indexing and querying. -Use it to organize your structured data into domains. SDB Explorer helps to: -Create and Explore Domain on SimpleDB. -Upload and Manage structured data like MySql into Amazon SimpleDB domain. -Export single or multiple domains from Amazon SimpleDB to local file system. -Run SELECT queries on structured data stored in SimpleDB Domain. -Search on item-identifier. -Configure

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SDB Explorer:Software for Amazon SimpleDB 2013.09.01.01

Import & Export data in CSV, Import data from My Sql Database, AWS IAM interface to manage users, List Domains from all Region End Points, Export Amazon SimpleDB domains in XML, Schedule SDB Commander to automate Export Domain, Execute Queries, Experience fast, multiple and parallel Uploads, Deletes (Empty Domain + Delete Items), Exports and Imports. , Search and Sort SimpleDB records, In-Place cell editing, Download for all O.S.

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SDB Explorer for Amazon SimpleDB 2013.09.01.01: Software to store, update and query structured data in Amazon SimpleDB database

SDB Explorer for Amazon SimpleDB 2013.09.01.01

Domain (Structured data that you store on Amazon SimpleDB in an organized form) on SimpleDB. -Import data from Mysql database on Amazon SimpleDB in easy steps. -Import & Export data in CSV to backup, restore or copy the SimpleDB Domain. -Add/Edit/Delete multiple Amazon SimpleDB records with In-Place Cell Editing. -Edit multiple Amazon SimpleDB records with In-Place Cell Editing. -Supports `Auto Generate Item Name` while bulk uploading data to Amazon

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Expired Domain Sleuth 5.7.5r2: Find Valuable Expired Domains with Search Tools-Filter-Link Pop-full automation

Expired Domain Sleuth 5.7.5r2

domain lists. Expired Domain Sleuth goes through the whole cycle with you for finding valuable domain names. First, find expired domain names by using a database of expired and onhold domains. Or find domains that are listed on any of the majore search engines or directories. Do a domain name check to check domain name availability. Next filter the domains by doing checking links, validating links, choose only Yahoo Google or DMOZ listings, domains

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DomainManagerPro 3.1: Organize and manage multiple website data in one program. Track dates and fees.

DomainManagerPro 3.1

DomainManagerPro does it all. How about getting all that web site data into the program? Simple as clicking on a button! Read in the entire site and parse the web page data in minutes. Couldn`t be easier. The reports alone will keep you in touch with all aspects of your site, it`s finances, and the people who host it, the registrars who register your domain name, and more. Ever need to know the IP address of the site in a hurry? DomainManagerPro

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Domain Name Pro 5.33: Find the ultimate popular domain name using advanced brainstorming features!

Domain Name Pro 5.33

domain names, such as "4kidz" for the words in the domain name "for kids". Other features include automatic calculation of search engine popularity, web site competition rating and domain name effectiveness index (TM) for generated domain names, identifying expired and expiring domain names, direct trademark searches, direct registration of available domain names, browsing to the web site of registered domain names, filtering, sorting, printing,

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Whois Extractor 1.2: Extract domain owner address, phone/fax, email, dns, date expired value whois.

Whois Extractor 1.2

Extract domain owner address, phone, fax, email, dns, date value from whois. Whois Extractor extracts domain information from global whois database source. It extracts Domain, TLD, Registrant, Admin Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Country, Phone, Fax, Email, NameServer, Domain Created Date, Updated Date, Domain Expired Date. The program auto saves all extracted data in csv/text file with success, error, log text.

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Repair SQL Server Database 12.03: Use Recoveryfix for SQL server tool to repair sql server database files

Repair SQL Server Database 12.03

MS SQL server is a powerful database management program, which is mainly used to store and retrieve database files on domain server. SQL database or MDF files can become damaged due to various reasons. You should use recoveryfix for repair SQL server tool to quickly repair SQL server database. The software supports data recovery on all versions of SQL server.

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DomainInspect 1.6: Advanced domain WHOIS lookup tool, combined with powerful domain name generator

DomainInspect 1.6

DomainInspect is a feature-rich domain name checker software, enabling you to quickly and conveniently find desired domain names to register. The built-in database embraces more than 100 popular gTLDs and ccTLDs. You may choose to manually input domain names, import domain name list in a file, or have domain names based on keywords automatically generated. DomainInspect simultaneously checks availability and link popularity of more than one domain

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